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Albright Frances(580-753-4232)
Smith Fred(580-234-1597)
Morris Dennis F(580-237-0319)
Polzer Bessie(580-242-1832)
Difidi Joseph(580-234-0221)
Hernandez S J(580-237-8431)
Whittaker Richard(580-242-0814)
Crow Ruby(580-237-6095)
West Kenneth D(580-237-6095)
Walton Montie(580-233-8667)
Walton Ruth(580-233-8667)
Casteel Vineta(580-242-6933)
Baker James A(580-237-8050)
Resources Operating Company Inc(580-237-7744)
Rogers R L Geol(580-237-7744)
Braley James(580-242-1094)
Wayman Jerry(580-234-3645)
Wayman Pat(580-234-3645)
Waldron Warren(580-237-7571)
Jackson Curt(580-242-3723)
Adams J L(580-242-4446)
Teague Andy B(580-234-0261)
Wiens B M(580-234-4706)
Crenshaw Aaron(580-233-6852)
Phillips Bob(580-234-8287)
Kepford Gary(580-233-8723)
Lincoln Don(580-234-4914)
Cooper Aaron(580-233-5344)
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