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Burlington Coop Amorita Elevator(580-474-2215)
Assembly of God Church(580-327-3873)
Ridgway Merle(580-829-4467)
Pfeiffer Jim(580-327-2872)
Akers Jack(580-327-4839)
Love's Country Store No 18(580-327-4500)
Washburn Motor Company(580-327-1296)
Alva Monument Works Inc(580-327-0626)
Baptist Student Union(580-327-1184)
Ramy's Alva Bowl & Cafe(580-327-0461)
Knotty Pine(580-327-1644)
Reed's Heating & Air Conditioning(580-327-2490)
Perry Tire & Alignment Inc(580-327-2323)
Town & Country Christian Churc(580-327-0811)
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