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Albright Mel(580-361-2343)
Bailon Jose(580-253-6513)
Vanwagner James(580-253-6566)
Mikles Billy B(580-253-6588)
Friesen Marlin(580-253-6328)
Wray S R(580-253-6319)
Terrazas Guerrero(580-253-6369)
Schroeder D K(580-253-6318)
Grant John M(580-253-6577)
Mires Gilbert R(580-253-6565)
Mires Hardware Co(580-253-6325)
Mendoza Michael(580-253-6503)
Wright Max(580-253-6311)
Klassen Elma(580-253-6564)
Figueroa Gilberto(580-253-6386)
Bowers Bret(580-253-6515)
Bowers Oil Company(580-253-6330)
Bowers Kelly M(580-253-6587)
Hamm Abie D(580-253-6554)
Hamm Verna(580-253-6554)
Wheatland Builders(580-253-6341)
Farmer D(580-253-6538)
Schroeder W K(580-253-6314)
Hogie Gordon J(580-253-6559)
Ortiz Maria E(580-253-6338)
Terrazas Imelda(580-253-6344)
Terrazas Luis E(580-253-6344)
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