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Elling L E(405-433-2493)
Campbell Geary(580-654-2598)
Cannon Dennis D(580-654-2416)
Carnegie Indian Missionary Chur(580-654-1214)
Carter Scott(580-654-2480)
Casey Mary(580-637-2523)
Casey Melvin(580-637-2523)
Cedar Creek United Methodist Churc(580-654-1066)
Cheadle Cleo(580-654-2045)
Chlouber Micheal(580-654-1592)
Clark Don(580-654-2529)
Clark Jodie(580-654-2228)
Clark Susan(580-654-2529)
Clay John(580-654-1485)
Clay Wilma(580-654-1485)
Clinton Bobby G(580-654-1277)
Clinton Eunice(580-654-2337)
Coalson Janet(580-637-2544)
Collins Jerry Jr(580-654-1021)
Combs Alan M(580-637-2594)
Cook Doyne(580-654-2258)
Coon Sam(580-654-1676)
Cooper Alan(580-654-2562)
Cooper Cathy(580-654-2562)
Cooper Donald W SR(580-654-2879)
Cooper Kylie(580-637-2250)
Copus Brian(580-637-2366)
Copus Justin(580-637-2217)
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