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Forshee Bobbie(405-786-2067)
Fire Department(918-968-2733)
Foos Michelle(918-374-2382)
Foos Timmy(918-374-2382)
Fox Cathy(918-374-2488)
Fox S A(918-374-2319)
Fox Tim(918-374-2488)
Fuchs Josh(918-374-2481)
Fuchs Patricia(918-374-2481)
Giblet John(918-374-2544)
Gibson John(918-374-2223)
Gibson Mabel R(918-374-2245)
Gibson Tammy D(918-374-2223)
Gibson Ted W(918-374-2325)
Gilbreth Ruby(918-374-2467)
Gladden Brien(918-374-2431)
Gladden Sherry(918-374-2431)
Green Acre Auto Salvage(918-374-2787)
Green Kelley(918-374-2554)
Green Missy(918-374-2554)
Greenfield Dale(918-374-2396)
Greenfield Mariesa(918-374-2251)
Greenfield Mary(918-374-2310)
Greenfield Paul(918-374-2251)
Grimm Raymond(918-374-2626)
Grotheer Don(918-374-2264)
Grotheer Randall(918-374-2672)
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