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Poage Tommy(580-228-3455)
Jenkins Dj(580-228-3329)
Jenkins Henry(580-228-3329)
Griffin Johnny(580-228-2434)
Griffin Rinda(580-228-2434)
Largent P C Jr(580-228-2993)
Gay Grover(580-228-2417)
Hammond Jane(580-228-3487)
Rodriguez James(580-228-2557)
Elliott Oberia(580-228-2668)
Keith Felicia(580-228-2743)
Welch Jerry(580-228-3215)
Rodriguez Floyd(580-228-3653)
Welch Larry(580-228-3037)
Palacios Patsy(580-228-2410)
Miller Lena(580-228-2149)
Copeland Robert(580-228-2423)
Baker Doris(580-228-2879)
Baker Henry(580-228-2879)
Taylor Darla J(580-228-2629)
Watkins Donald W(580-228-2695)
Kent Real Estate Agency(580-228-3364)
Busby Robert(580-228-3146)
Richardson Derek(580-228-3295)
Singleton Rosalie(580-228-2143)
Richardson Barbara(580-228-3571)
Richardson Fred(580-228-3571)
Miller E T(580-228-2433)
Dunn Eddie Jr(580-228-3650)
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