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Arnold Dean(580-836-7985)
Clark Gary(405-865-2619)
Starling Angi(405-865-2717)
Starling Danny(405-865-2717)
Miller Tommy A(405-865-3128)
Altex Resources Inc(405-865-3015)
Hodson Mark D(405-865-3166)
Bloyd Lance(405-865-2229)
Brown Ronny(405-865-2594)
Starling Don(405-865-2736)
Flatt Vicci(405-865-2565)
Hackworth C H(405-865-2503)
Perry Dewey(405-865-2557)
Gilliam Melvin C(405-865-2521)
Martin Elbert L(405-865-2772)
Ummel Gloria(405-865-2723)
O'donnell Tara(405-865-9281)
Holcomb R(405-865-2677)
O'donnell Beulah(405-865-2266)
O'donnell Charley(405-865-2720)
Twice Blessed(405-865-2546)
Lindsey Michael(405-865-2711)
Dornan Emily(405-865-2353)
Dornan Mat(405-865-2353)
Porter Barbara(405-865-9296)
Savage Richard(405-865-3169)
Porter Stephanie(405-865-9276)
Evans Brenda(405-865-2576)
Evans Ricky(405-865-2576)
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