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Love's Country Store No 248(580-323-1022)
Williams Russell(580-832-3168)
Harms Carlin(580-832-5134)
Thompson Robert L(580-832-3654)
Noe Colleen(580-832-2784)
Noe David(580-832-2784)
Robertson Factories Inc(580-832-3383)
Price Prints Inc(580-832-2492)
Pool Rebecca(580-832-2684)
Butler Treber(580-832-2870)
Torres Melanie(580-832-5421)
Torres Michael(580-832-5421)
Hymer Jackie R(580-832-5198)
Oliver Kyal(580-832-5657)
Anthony Enis(580-832-3621)
Lowder Steven(580-832-3513)
Francis Lorena(580-832-2110)
Hines Jodie W(580-832-2917)
Dawson H V(580-832-3523)
Marriott Anita(580-832-5071)
Sweetman Rose(580-832-3159)
Haskett Don(580-832-5619)
Haskett Jeannie(580-832-5619)
Schmidt Raymond(580-832-3277)
Caffee Bobbie(580-832-2383)
Caffee Jason(580-832-2383)
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