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Abercrombie F F(580-887-3355)
McFarland Dick(580-225-3492)
Albert Wendell(580-225-3070)
McComas Edwin(580-225-1028)
Wham Don(580-225-7665)
Wham Juanita(580-225-1872)
Merrifield Darrel(580-225-0056)
Hefley L S(580-225-0549)
Hall Betty(580-225-0755)
Hall Lynn B(580-225-0755)
Storm Dan(580-225-4039)
Storm Joe(580-225-9579)
Storm Van(580-225-9579)
Stansberry George(580-225-0418)
Shields C R(580-225-1584)
Shields D L(580-225-1584)
Lacey Joyce(580-225-1389)
Johnson Emily(580-225-3783)
Johnson Jeff(580-225-3783)
Hall Joe D(580-225-4960)
Hall Vickie(580-225-4960)
Kervin Jimmy(580-225-5107)
Boone Bill(580-225-0504)
Shipp S A(580-225-2640)
Wiseman R H(580-225-3694)
Leal C D(580-243-0038)
Southard Bill(580-225-7374)
White Robert(580-225-0538)
Ballew Marsha(580-225-1637)
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