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Anderson Lillian(580-326-5398)
Adams Terry(580-835-2648)
Allen J W(580-835-2208)
Allen Juanita(580-835-2208)
Allen Mary(580-835-7128)
Angel Bruce(580-835-7333)
Angel-Wright Logging(580-835-7335)
Arnold Aubry S(580-835-2686)
Ashalintubbi Cathy(580-835-7152)
Ashalintubbi Heather(580-835-2395)
Ashalintubbi J R(580-835-2666)
Ashalintubbi Joann(580-835-7181)
Ashalintubbi Kenny W(580-835-2356)
Ashalintubbi Mack(580-835-7181)
Ashalintubbi Marland(580-835-7456)
Ashalintubbi Mildred(580-835-7336)
Ashalintubbi Pete(580-835-2604)
Ayers Laura(580-835-2358)
Bailey Clarmon(580-835-2324)
Bailey Nola(580-835-2324)
Bailey Virgil(580-835-2385)
Baker Billy(580-835-7470)
Baker Kirby(580-835-2567)
Barnes Jerry B(580-835-2394)
Barnes Preston(580-835-2582)
Bates Laverne(580-835-2657)
Baum L M(580-835-2526)
Beal Rochell(580-835-2341)
Bergman Michael(580-835-2386)
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