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Garner Damon(580-591-0095)
Hoover John(580-353-2088)
Hoover Penny(580-353-2088)
Scholl Mark(580-248-8456)
Sessom Roger(580-248-2124)
Smith Chad(580-353-0390)
Smith Doug(580-353-1512)
Smith Sara(580-353-1512)
Terry Bob(580-581-1465)
Terry Debi(580-581-1465)
Tinney Darryl(580-351-0285)
Tinney Kathy(580-351-0285)
Ulloa Linda(580-355-4355)
Weimer Wesley(580-581-1897)
Williams Jerry(580-248-4376)
Williams Vonda(580-248-4376)
Woods Dianne(580-354-1275)
Woods Garold(580-354-1275)
Miller Elaine(580-354-1293)
Miller Vance(580-354-1293)
Shepard Courtney(580-595-9868)
Shepard Jim(580-595-9868)
Rita Nassengale(580-248-1110)
Comanche County of(580-355-1045)
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