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Holden Carl F III(580-536-8876)
Rodgers Charles(580-536-7822)
Brumbalow Jimmy(580-531-2601)
Brooks Charles(580-536-4550)
Brooks Leslie(580-536-4550)
Kesner Jr(580-536-5037)
Kesner Lynette(580-536-5037)
Zimmerman Lyndon(580-536-7081)
Boss Howard(580-529-2512)
Taylor Patricia(580-529-2396)
Taulbee Ed(580-529-2504)
Graves James(580-429-3585)
Humberson Charles E(580-529-2409)
McClung Danny(580-529-2219)
McClung Susan(580-529-2219)
Woodburn Donovan(580-529-2569)
Hafen Nelia(580-529-2121)
Hafen Paul(580-529-2121)
Hayes Lanece(580-529-2311)
Hayes Mike(580-529-2311)
Reynolds B(580-529-2194)
Reynolds Jones(580-529-2217)
Reynolds Smith(580-529-2217)
Gailie Peter(580-529-2737)
Biby Phil(580-529-2615)
Schafer John(580-529-2960)
Schafer Karen(580-529-2960)
Cox Stephen M(580-529-3188)
Crostley Eugene(580-492-4035)
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