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Carter L J(580-353-0371)
Voet Kenneth(580-354-1094)
Voet Marilyn(580-354-1094)
United States Government(580-442-2103)
Taylor E G(580-355-0327)
Todd T L(580-357-2747)
Lawton Book Stall(580-248-3111)
Tunget H J(580-353-4766)
Dodson Brett(580-510-3004)
Dunn Richard A(580-510-0340)
Watts Dorothy(580-536-3157)
Roseberry Joe(580-536-1440)
Neville T(580-510-9343)
Nelson Russell(580-536-2759)
Cook James R(580-531-2665)
Cook Mary K(580-531-2665)
Dotson Danny(580-365-4521)
Dotson Lori(580-365-4521)
Harrelson Rocky L(580-365-4938)
Weger Charles SR(580-365-4745)
Landers Paul(580-536-4790)
Hansen Keith(580-355-9120)
Plumley James(580-357-7454)
Mills Dean H(580-357-9120)
Davis Terry(580-353-1388)
Roulain Ben(580-351-0473)
Stoll Phillip(580-248-5005)
Cranfill Dan(580-355-0287)
Cranfill Melissa(580-355-0287)
Kennedy Christopher(580-354-0536)
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