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Addington Billy(580-488-3617)
Smith Leonard A(580-526-3663)
Smith Molly(580-526-3530)
Smith Rick(580-526-3084)
Smith Rod(580-526-3511)
Smith Steve(580-526-8138)
Smoot Delmar(580-526-3946)
Sneed Shirley(580-526-3687)
Snider Raymond(580-526-3343)
Snider Rosa F(580-526-3343)
Sniff the Kids(580-526-3728)
Snodgrass Ava(580-526-3140)
Snodgrass Billy(580-526-2331)
Snodgrass Ralph(580-526-3515)
Snow Isaac(580-526-3472)
Snow Oleta(580-526-3009)
Snowden Chad(580-526-3010)
Snowden Ransom(580-526-3769)
Speake Matha(580-526-3717)
Speed Jack(580-526-3012)
Speed Joe(580-526-3467)
Spencer Hubert(580-526-2342)
Spencer Janice(580-526-3610)
Spencer Rose(580-526-3389)
Splinter Harold(580-526-3986)
Squires Richard(580-526-3230)
Stafford Scott(580-526-2311)
Stagg Donald(580-526-3859)
Stanford Charlie(580-526-8209)
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