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Smith Robert(405-872-5527)
Douvillier John(405-399-2615)
McClintock Lance(405-399-2668)
McClintock Melissa(405-399-2668)
Bolton Steve(405-399-2855)
Casey David L(405-396-8648)
Casey S P(405-396-8753)
Petree Joseph(405-396-8199)
Petree Linda(405-396-8199)
Judd P(405-396-8777)
Marie Alva(405-396-2370)
Benham Webster L III(405-396-4704)
Roberts B(405-396-4781)
Roberts J(405-396-8471)
Roberts L(405-396-4781)
Roberts T(405-396-8471)
Suggs John(405-396-8587)
Suggs Rebecca(405-396-8587)
Rodriguez Miguel(405-399-3984)
Havenyield Tree Farm(405-399-8733)
Whitfield Tom(405-399-2671)
Greenlee Russell(405-399-1527)
Whitten Lonnie(405-399-2621)
Taylor Gary W(405-399-2447)
Darr Karen(405-399-4144)
Darr Richard(405-399-4144)
Ryals Laith(405-399-2422)
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