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Alexander Jim(580-689-2377)
Herzer Charles(580-837-5244)
Herzer John D(580-837-5236)
Woodson Robert S(580-837-5354)
Hennigh Jay C(580-837-5383)
Hunt Bill(580-837-5599)
Hunt Donna(580-837-5599)
Hester Dale D(580-837-5341)
Cash George C(580-837-5613)
Bozarth Melvin E(580-837-5365)
Bozarth Vernon R(580-837-5288)
Sizelove Loren F(580-837-5523)
Sizelove I L(580-837-5374)
Wells Earl D(580-837-5448)
Swallow Dorothy(580-837-5421)
Swallow Leonard(580-837-5421)
Bryant Gwen(580-837-5634)
Bryant Timothy(580-837-5634)
Wells Richard B(580-837-5334)
Laverty Jerald(580-837-5315)
Laverty Albert A(580-837-5485)
Whisenhunt Leroy E(580-837-5431)
Miller Ernest(580-837-5461)
Boswell Lois H(580-837-5410)
Mulbery Gary W(580-837-5410)
Mulbery Kenneth K(580-837-5372)
Hendrick Ray O(580-837-5246)
Pope J D(580-837-5487)
Pope Gary G(580-837-5227)
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