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Allen Bob M(580-924-5295)
First National Bank and Trust Cny of Ar(580-226-5162)
First National Bank & Trust Co of Ard(580-276-9494)
Carl's Jr Restaurants(580-276-4979)
Fax Transmission Service(580-276-5141)
Target Fuel Stop(580-276-9326)
Talltree Fashions Manufacturing(580-276-5550)
Thackerville City of(580-276-4842)
Farm Service Agencies(580-276-2528)
Air Friends(580-276-3116)
Marietta Boys & Girls Club(580-276-4898)
Beaird Amber(580-276-9660)
Beeler M I(580-276-2069)
Ellis Larry(580-276-9033)
McComber Lisa(580-276-5437)
McCorkle Fern(580-276-5234)
Mette Michelle(580-276-4102)
Northpark Apartments(580-276-9296)
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