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Hall Luke(918-968-4270)
West Mel(918-363-7610)
West S L(918-865-8998)
West Skip(918-865-9012)
Western Auto Assoc Store(918-865-2151)
Westfall Kenneth(918-865-4426)
Wheeler Chrystal(918-865-6964)
Wheeler Kathy(918-865-5098)
Wheeler Kevin(918-363-8539)
Wheeler Martin(918-865-6964)
Wheeler Ronnie(918-865-7128)
Wheeler Theresa(918-363-8539)
Whitaker Lorene(918-865-2265)
White Carl(918-865-4712)
White Ed(918-865-6505)
White Jason(918-865-4206)
White Stacy(918-865-4206)
White T(918-865-6505)
White Tim(918-865-4568)
White William(918-865-3563)
Whitehead David(918-865-3096)
Whitehead Frank(918-865-3412)
Whitehead Linda(918-865-3412)
Whitley Paul M(918-363-8103)
Whitney Mark(918-865-4136)
Whitten Regina(918-865-3485)
Whittenburg Danny(918-865-3113)
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