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Shoemaker Mel(405-579-2738)
Dotson George(405-360-9387)
Dotson Teresa(405-360-9387)
Rankin C M(405-360-9387)
Fastserv Medical of Okc(405-364-0818)
Watters James(405-579-4185)
Watters Marqaret(405-579-4185)
Whitney Benjamin F(405-360-0523)
Hewitt Vernon W(405-360-5009)
Wilson Dd(405-579-9122)
Jarvis Crystal(405-573-9145)
Jarvis Jim(405-573-9145)
Ransom Daniel(405-360-4888)
Vaughn Kevin(405-447-4852)
Dunn Kathy(405-310-6374)
Langenbach Michael(405-329-2295)
Workman M C(405-579-4339)
Bittle Steven(405-329-0350)
Bigbie Andrew(405-307-8422)
Simonds Chuck(405-366-7483)
Kaiser Darren(405-447-2374)
Kaiser Heather(405-447-2374)
McKinney Linda J(405-364-0046)
McKinney Rick L(405-364-0046)
Walla C F(405-360-8023)
Rauch Jim(405-701-0116)
McCurley John W(405-573-3099)
Ray David A(405-447-8710)
Ray Glenda J(405-447-8710)
Dodson Heather(405-307-8268)
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