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Assembly of God Church of North Miami(918-542-9404)
Mead Jerry(918-540-0360)
Craig Darrell E(918-542-8882)
Morgan Virginia(918-540-2882)
Floyd Sheri(918-542-2690)
Gillmore Kevin(918-540-2764)
Arnett Edward(918-541-1970)
Ervin Marion B(918-542-6395)
Frazier Betty(918-540-1488)
Gotchal Dave(918-542-1337)
Gotchal Gwen(918-540-1896)
Colquitt Kim(918-542-6284)
Sommer Douglas(918-542-9334)
Maples Jewell(918-542-9589)
Hildebrand Scott(918-540-2845)
Hemmrich Sherry(918-542-5665)
Mahurin Jeff(918-540-2524)
King Ray(918-542-8351)
Hilderbrand Bill(918-540-3191)
Loehr Andrew(918-542-3703)
Ledbetter Luther V(918-542-1357)
Waggoner Ron(918-542-8326)
Teague Johnny R(918-542-6601)
Griffitt Suzanne(918-540-1629)
Barnett Fred(918-542-2456)
White's Custom Cabinets & Doors(918-541-9663)
Cole Scott(918-542-3919)
Brandon R J(918-540-1664)
Young B(918-542-8544)
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