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Thompson Norman H(918-623-0539)
Wells Madonna(405-386-4192)
Wells Phylis(405-391-2655)
Wells Robert A(405-386-7976)
Wells T J(405-386-4580)
Wells Terrie(405-386-7976)
Wells Terry(405-391-4776)
Wenzel Janell(405-386-2332)
Wenzel John(405-386-2332)
Wenzel Michael(405-386-5889)
Wenzl Nathan(405-391-3389)
Wenzl-Bridges Rosalinda(405-391-6017)
Werchan James(405-391-3469)
Werner N L(405-386-2784)
Wert Robert(405-386-2053)
Wert Sherri(405-386-2053)
Weskamp R(405-386-5654)
Wessling Paula(405-386-6101)
West Brittany(405-386-3707)
West Catherine(405-391-5757)
West Charley(405-391-6178)
West D(405-386-6005)
West Dave(405-386-5270)
West Fritz(405-386-7576)
West James L(405-391-6660)
West Jennifer(405-386-4519)
West Keri(405-391-5692)
West Mike(405-391-5692)
West Robert(405-386-5991)
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