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Schulz George(580-757-2829)
Wolfe Renee(580-529-2221)
Wolfe Rick(580-529-2221)
Adair Charles(580-529-3051)
Thomason Tommie A(580-529-2826)
Seibert John G(580-529-2380)
Stone Hardy R(580-529-2334)
Trimpa Thomas N(580-529-2304)
Edwards Angela(580-529-2707)
Edwards Jim A(580-529-2707)
Christensen A D(580-529-5228)
Bentley Bill(580-429-8687)
Cook Kiki(580-429-8585)
Demarcus Eugene(580-429-8257)
Dickens Merrole(580-429-8994)
Eason Gerald N(580-429-8446)
Hines Chas D(580-429-3413)
McAllister Frank(580-429-9226)
McAllister Gail(580-429-9226)
Meers Store & Restaurant(580-429-8051)
Rowe W(580-429-3350)
Rowe Wayne D Jr(580-429-3543)
Wall Gladys(580-429-8516)
Warner Colan(580-429-9410)
Warner Kimberly(580-429-9410)
Warner Willard(580-429-3282)
Wright Bob(580-429-8723)
Yeahquo Jimmy L(580-429-3509)
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