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Green Kenneth(405-382-1679)
Shawnee Regional Pharmacy(405-273-8717)
Ploessl D(405-273-2306)
Myers John(405-273-8034)
Autrey S(405-275-7073)
Chancellor Del E(405-273-8778)
Mabee Aerobic Center(405-878-5290)
Mabee Gerrer Museum of Art(405-878-5300)
Shawnee English Institute(405-273-8229)
St Gregory's Abbey(405-878-5490)
St Gregory's University(405-878-5100)
Allen Twilia(405-273-4493)
Anderson Ashley(405-878-9539)
Arnett Jerrita(405-275-4369)
Braden Tammy(405-273-5998)
Brentwood Apartments(405-273-2111)
Brinson Tina(405-273-4036)
Brown Geri(405-878-8562)
Burton Rebecca(405-275-1059)
Capps H L(405-878-4798)
Carter Johnny(405-395-9558)
Cosby Elisha(405-878-0192)
Counts Trudie(405-275-6417)
Crawford Shayne(405-878-6899)
Cully M(405-214-5772)
Dunagan William(405-273-2899)
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