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Campbell Stanley(918-367-5813)
Weaver Jimmie R II(918-396-1934)
Bohannan Jerladine(918-396-4088)
Elms Lonnie T(918-396-0031)
Hall Ben T(918-396-7625)
Lierly Raymond E(918-396-1513)
Roberson W C(918-396-9456)
Deskin Jo(918-396-7919)
Forbes V(918-396-3581)
Hixon Leona(918-396-1712)
C & L Storage(918-396-1908)
C & L Truck(918-396-3305)
Dunham Mike(918-396-3719)
Catholic Diocese of Tulsa(918-396-1179)
Sacred Heart Catholic Church(918-396-0267)
White J(918-396-0267)
Shannon George X(918-396-7365)
Landsaw Lucille(918-396-2542)
Pearson Mike(918-396-7516)
Akers Christopher(918-396-1323)
Jenson Crystal(918-396-7066)
McIntyre Cary C(918-396-1735)
Barber Jack(918-396-2455)
Williams A L(918-396-0851)
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