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Webb Harvey(405-598-2989)
Newton Roger(405-598-1603)
Ledbetter Julee(405-598-0621)
Ledbetter Trucking(405-598-0621)
Schmidlkofer G(405-598-9167)
Alexander Calvin C(405-598-5800)
Rushing Shonie(405-598-1736)
Edwards Otis E(405-598-2000)
Fowler Chad(405-598-3467)
Call Marvin(405-598-6376)
McIntyre Mamie(405-598-6661)
Strickland Randy(405-598-1019)
Strickland Virginia(405-598-1019)
Poteete Matthew(405-598-3894)
Underwood Patty(405-598-9164)
Curtis John(405-598-2323)
Gann Mary(405-598-0835)
Roebuck Marvin(405-598-8693)
Lee Stephen(405-598-1953)
Talley Teresa(405-598-5940)
Bolles Wm G(405-598-2336)
Baxter Fred(405-275-9358)
Wright Victor(405-273-0334)
Oguin M(405-275-5163)
O'guinn Melvin(405-275-1074)
O'guinn Pokey(405-878-1454)
Kosieracki Leo(405-273-1648)
Chlouber Ruth(405-273-1503)
Marshall Ray(405-275-4305)
Smith Bob(405-275-9958)
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