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Abernathy Hanger(580-667-5622)
Temple Milling Co Inc(580-342-5198)
Havens Jerry(580-342-5001)
Havens Tina(580-342-5001)
Radford Bill(580-342-6916)
Temple Electric Shop(580-342-6621)
Temple City of(580-342-5027)
Attebury Grain Inc(580-342-6262)
Bowers George H(580-342-6746)
Temple Utilities Authority(580-342-5027)
Rogers T H Lumber Co(580-342-6248)
Glenn Clarence(580-342-5132)
Parkey Don(580-342-6468)
Parkey Mary J(580-342-6468)
Louise's Headset(580-342-6801)
Moorman Claudine(580-342-6227)
Church of Christ(580-342-6247)
Faith Mission(580-342-6577)
Knox Clara(580-342-6449)
Meyer Alice E(580-342-6412)
Bowers J D(580-342-6432)
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