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Martin Hobert C(918-457-4228)
Marquez Michael(918-457-4062)
Gardner Johnnie(918-457-4373)
Pettigrew Dallas(918-457-3577)
Thompson John T(918-457-4583)
Blair Roxeanna(918-457-4144)
Eubanks Lance(918-457-6028)
Corey Stacey(918-457-4550)
Mullins April(918-457-5843)
Vaughn Cheryl(918-457-4234)
Vaughn Greg(918-457-4234)
Kempthorne Stan L(918-457-3796)
Vernon Jodi(918-457-3311)
Graham Kelly(918-457-5331)
Merriman Norma(918-457-4506)
Abbot Cody(918-457-9840)
Elkins John M(918-457-3304)
McCullough Mona(918-457-3083)
James Dennis D(918-457-5516)
Kuhns Evelyn(918-457-4362)
Kuhns Louis(918-457-4362)
Tanner Michael(918-457-5445)
Cullen Ed(918-457-4769)
Cook L(918-457-4257)
Cook W(918-457-4257)
Burris Bobbie(918-457-3972)
Burris Michael(918-457-3972)
Pritchett Florence(918-457-5776)
Kellner Frederick E(918-457-9001)
Phillips A(918-457-1162)
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