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Armbrister Patricia(918-868-6455)
Caywood Marylin(918-589-2396)
Caywood Norman(918-589-2396)
Chance Beverly(918-589-2446)
Chandler F L(918-589-3006)
Chichester Harry G(918-589-2895)
Church of Christ(918-589-2786)
Churchill David(918-589-2139)
Churchill Terry(918-589-2139)
Clarkson Brenda(918-589-2644)
Clement T B(918-589-2618)
Clifford H H(918-589-2269)
Coats Daniel L(918-589-3300)
Coats Ron(918-589-2802)
Coats Sylvia(918-589-2802)
Coe Tom(918-589-2823)
Conner R(918-589-2371)
Cotrill Reta(918-589-2912)
Cotrill Ronnie(918-589-2912)
Cox Christie(918-589-2327)
Cox Fred H(918-589-2337)
Cox P(918-589-2859)
Cox Travis(918-589-3333)
Craig Sarah E(918-589-2313)
Crews Jerry J(918-589-2586)
Crippen Jamie(918-589-2131)
Crippen Rhenda(918-589-2131)
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