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Aldridge Robert(580-228-2830)
Rath B L(580-875-6321)
Davis Lissa(580-875-3125)
Woody R S(580-875-2008)
Barbe Paul(580-875-2693)
Howard Marie E(580-875-3440)
Parkview Manor(580-875-3376)
Reid Jean(580-875-2301)
Smith Ernest W(580-875-2520)
Stapp Flois B(580-875-3668)
Stapp William T(580-875-6422)
Flanagan Charles(580-875-2444)
Flanagan Theresa(580-875-2444)
Walters Tag Agency(580-875-2451)
Walters Herald(580-875-3326)
Carver Corporation Inc(580-875-2307)
Power Spike Manufacturing C(580-875-2307)
Ambulance Service of Walters(580-875-2400)
Citizens Ambulance Service of Cott(580-875-3311)
Fire Department(580-875-3311)
Police Department(580-875-3343)
Walters Cemetery Association(580-875-2218)
Walters City of(580-875-2060)
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